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Serverless Instructions / Restrictions

Better Search Engine Rankings
Faster Load Speeds  A Better User Experience.

If you have a domain name and do not wish to move it, just point the nameservers to:


20mb cache limit

If you need assistance hit the "Contact" button and a live agent will assist you.

After payment, Domain ownership verification by TXT dns entry.
You will get an eMail with instruction shortly after payment.

Nameserver propegation after repoint to and
Only Needed to associate Domain with cPanel.

CNAME forwarding to cache.
For when you go serverless.

Average transformation time is 1 -2 hours.

If you exeed the size limit or you have a WordPress site, a couple of hours is needed to transform your site to serverless. You will be notified upon completion including your performance gains.

30-300% Faster Website - Money Back Guarantee

No More Server Fees - Increased Search Enging Rank - Smoother User Experience - Expect your boost to be in 100's percent.

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